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Heping Island

THE WORLD’S BEST KEPT SECRET: The Brand Story of the 10 Guardian Rocks

About 25 million years ago, Heping Island was surrounded by a vast ocean, the island terrain has been affected by long-term weathering, erosion and the pounding waves, thus forming a unique geological landscape such as pedestal rocks, chessboard rocks (tofu rocks), marine caves and wave-cut platforms, it is a masterpiece carved by the hands of the nature.


               This beautiful island is the home to different animals.  Because the island is uncultivated, each must compete for food to survive.  The animals on the island are separated into two families: The Land family and the Sea family.  Each family is specialized in different powers.  The Sea family members include: The Sea Hare, the Mudskipper, the Seal and the Crocodile.  The Land family members include: The Wild Boar, the Sphinx, the King Kong and the Leopard.  The Pharaoh has a magical Black Kite and rules over the entire island, keeping the peace on the island. 


               Legend has it that there is a powerful Infinity Gem hidden on the island, one will become an immortal by holding the Infinity Gem up high during the sunrise, and searching over the Infinity Gem has turned the Land family and the Sea family against each other.  One day, the Crocodile claims he has found the Infinity Gem in the tofu rocks located in Alabao Bay.  Due to the crushing of the Earth’s crust in two opposite directions, as well as the wave and the wind erosion, the tofu rocks stack next to each other and stretch out along the Bay.  When the light of the sunrise shines on the tofu rocks, they sparkle as if every one of them is hiding a gem, and because of that wonderful scenery, the Land family believed what the Crocodile has claimed and starting to search for the Infinity Gem.  While the Land family is searching, the Sea family swarms in and attempting to wipe out the Land family altogether.  There is no Infinity Gem in Alabao Bay after all, it is all a trap set up by the Crocodile.


               Just when both sides are hurt, the Pharaoh appears with his magical Black Kite, he is deeply saddened by both families’ actions.  He tells both families that he will find where exactly the Infinity Gem is located and divide the power of the Gem equally for everyone, only if everyone agrees to coexist peacefully.


               The animals look at the demolished island, realizing their recklessness and foolishness, they repent to the Pharaoh genuinely.  The Pharaoh sees their change, he then uses the Black Kite’s magic to summon the Infinity Gem from the bottom of the ocean during the sunrise.  The Infinity Gem and the sunlight become one, instantly emitting extraordinary power, transforming all the animals including the Pharaoh to rocks.  The Crocodile really regrets that he has lied to everyone, his eyes are still streaming with tears even after turning into a rock.


           From that moment on, they have all become immortal, guarding Heping Island regardless of day and night.










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