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Culture History

Heping Island is originally named as “She-liao island”.


Heping Island is the doorway to Keelung Harbor. It was a settlement of Kaitaglan Tribe at the early times.

Currently, a seashore park was set up along with the coast. Inside the park, one will see important terrain of marine abrasion, including marine cliff, abrasion platform and abrasion fosse as well as the famous “bean curd rock” and pedestal rock.

Apart from the spectacular terrain, the body fossil and trace fossils are considered treasures for geological studies.


Be sure to take a good look at the strand plants for it is amazing that they can survive under the unfavorable conditions. During the ebb, one can step on the abrasion platform to see the strand plants and all the different rocks and stones.


Take a break to sit down on the rock to listen to the waves and enjoy the amazing gift of nature. However, please do not go down to the marine cliff for the rock otherwise that might break down at any moment.

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